About Ritmix - Rhythmic Gymnastics Club in Brisbane

Ritmix Gymnastics Club offers general gymnastics classes to children and adults of all ages.
The club has focused rhythmic gymnastics (RG) and aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG)
Our coaches are accredited and trained teachers combining the skills of dance and
gymnastics. AGG and RG disciplines unite the beauty of dance and the elegance of
gymnastics skills into one unique group exercise for boys and girls. RITMIX is an affiliated
club of the Queensland Gymnastics Association and Gymnastics Australia.

Meet the Team - Coaches


Club owner/RG Coach

Born in Sarajevo (Bosnia) rhythmic gymnastics was her passion. Vanja coached many State and National RG Champions from Levels 4 to 9. After retiring from the sport in 2006, she has come back with more passion and desire to get as many children involved in this remarkable sport.

Classes: Recreational, Carnivals, Competitive, Private


Head RG Coach

Miss Kitti is a world-class RG coach who has over 20 years experience in rhythmic gymnastics. She was a National Hungarian Champion in Groups and is a multiple medal holder at FIG events. She holds several coaching qualifications and is a Level 4 fitness instruction. Miss Kitti teaches competitive athletes and Adult classes.

Classes: Carnivals, Competitive, Private


Recreational Coach

Born in Italy, Miss Cecilia brings a wealth of experience in the rhythmic gymnastics area. Miss Cecilia is a professional dancer specialising in ballet, modern-jazz, contemporary and hip hop choreography. She performed around the world including Egypt, Spain, Kenya and Greece. Her recent activities are collaborating with musicians as a choreographer and dance teacher.

Classes: Recreational, Carnivals, Private, Cabarets, AGG/Performance Groups


RG Coach

Angeli is an intermediate RG coach and responsible for the Levels program. She has been actively training rhythmic gymnastics for the last 7 years. In 2015, she went to Nationals with her sub-junior group, and achieved a bronze medal. Angeli loves the sport because it is fun, beautiful, and increases your flexibility and coordination, and allows you to be creative!

Classes: Carnivals, Competitive, Private


RG Development Squad Coach

Born in Italy Miss Susanna is a former Italian National junior representative in rhythmic gymnastics. Coached by a famous Italian group coach Emanuela Maccarani, from age 9 she competed at the European Championships.

Miss Susanna travelled the world teaching many people the beauty of rhythmic gymnastics and dance.

With a wealth of knowledge Miss Susanna is the head of our junior development squad.

Classes: Recreational, Carnivals, Competitive, Private


WAG Coach

Miss Samara holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. She studied subjects in children’s motor development, coordination, and movement patterns. Miss Samara is an Intermediate WAG Coach specialising in acrobatics.

Speciality: Acrobatics


Wishart – Rhythmic Gymnastics

St Catherine’s Primary School – Nano Nagle Centre

388 Newnham Road, Wishart QLD 4122
You can enter the Hall via Bellot Street, Wishart.

Training days:

Monday and Friday, 3.30-6.30pm, Saturdays 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Everton Park – Rhythmic Gymnastics

Everton Park State High School – School Hall

668 Stafford Road, Everton Park QLD 4053

Training days:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 3.30-6.30/7.30pm

Queensland Rhythmic Gymnastics clubs RITMIX in Brisbane - Wishart and Everton Park