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RitmixGYM - Rhythmic gymnastics in Queensland 

Explore your creativity with fun gymnastics activities

At RITMIX our mission takes gymnastics from a sport into a fun, creative way to embrace the learning process.
We build strong foundations for physical health, social skills, and community spirit which helps kids put their best into action.
Our world class coaches are trained teachers combining skills of dance and rhythmic gymnastics.

Age 5-9
Duration 1 hour
Wishart: Monday, Friday, Saturday
Everton Park: Tue, Wed, Friday

A fun, introductory gymnastics class for 5+ year old. This beginner class introduces boys and girls to rhythmic gymnastics. The class focuses on body elements (flexibility, balance, jumps & turns), acrobatics (rolls, cartwheels, bridges) and apparatus techniques using rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon.

Age 5+
Hours 1.5+
Wishart: Monday, Friday, Saturday
Everton Park: Tue, Wed, Friday

Dance, acrobatics, ballet – all in one! This class teaches choreography, different genre of dance, ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. Children learn physical qualities such as flexibility, balance, speed, strength, coordination and sense of rhythm. Children can choose to perform at fun Carnivals.

Age 5+
Hours 5+
Wishart: Monday, Friday, Saturday
Everton Park: Tues, Wed, Friday 

This class is for athletes with an interest in the RG levels program. Children perform individual routines and groups with rope, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon and freehand. It combines elements of ballet, gymnastics and dance into one synchronised routine. Athletes attend Trials and State/National Championships.

Performance groups
Age 6+
Hours 2+
Everton Park: Tues, Wed, Friday 

Join our performance team and learn world class dance and rhythmic choreography.
Between 4-6 gymnasts work in synchronisation creating flawless body wave movements with music. You can choose to compete at friendly Carnivals and Qld State Multiples Events.

Age 14+
Duration 1+ hour
Wishart: Saturday
Everton Park: Wednesday

This class is for ex gymnasts or ordinary adults who want to improve flexibility, strength, conditioning and coordination.
Get ready to do a mix of ballet, core, fitness, coordination, and apparatus work!
If you didn’t think you can do the splits – think again!

Private class
Age Any
Duration 1 hour

Private lessons are available on request.

All our coaches are Gymnastics Australia accredited. These lessons are for athletes who want to have one-one class to have a nice introductory lesson, or excel their skills. 

Contact us  for additional information and pricing.

Virtual class
Age Any
Duration 1+ hour

Sign up for online rhythmic classes
packed with strength, flexibility, coordination and fun exercises. Sitting at your desk all day? Jump online and give your body a boost!
From adults to beginners, this class is designed to reach anyone in Queensland, Australia and worldwide.
Contact us for additional information and pricing.