About our classes

Ritmix Juniors
A fun introductory level gymnastics class for 4+ year old boys and girls. This class includes simple stretching exercises, jumping rope, balancing and acrobatics skills and educational dance activities with ribbons, including hand eye coordination with ball, hope and clubs (45 minutes class). 


Ritmix Stars
This beginner level gymnastics class for 5+  year olds is designed to introduce children to the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. The class focuses on basic body elements, flexibility, jumps, leaps and turns, as well as acrobatics (rolls, cartwheels and bridges). Children will learn how to manipulate apparatuses such as balls, ropes, clubs, hoops and ribbons (1 hour class). 


Ritmix Achievers 
This beginner level gymnastics class for 7+ year olds is for athletes with an interest in the recreational program. The class is designed to build upon the basics of body and apparatus technique, including more integration of these skills into short routines. Children explore group activities and experience choreography and collaboration (1 hour class).


Ritmix Dreamers
This beginner level gymnastics class for 7+ year olds is for athletes with an interest in the recreational program. The class is designed to teach flexibility, strength, coordination, agility and speed. Children will learn about choreography and work in groups to perform routines with hand held apparatus or freehand (1 hour class).
Rhythmic and aesthetic gymnastics 
So you think you can move like a gymnast! Students of different ages will learn different genres of dance including, ballet, modern jazz, as well as gymnastics balances, leaps and waves. Every other week we will focus on one of these styles, learning the basics so we can add it to the children’s gymnastics repertoire! This class is designed to enhance a child’s motor, listening, and social skills through fun gymnastics oriented activities.(2 hours class).


What is rhythmic gymnastics (RG)?  
Recreational RG is the introduction to basic rhythmic gymnastics skills with several levels to achieve. Activities include freehand, skills with ball, ribbon, hoop, rope and clubs.


What is aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG)?
Recreational AGG is the introduction to basic flexibility, balance, speed, strength, coordination and sense of rhythm where movements of the body are emphasized in the flow, expressive and aesthetic appeal. The introductory program consists of varied body movements, such as body waves and swings, balances and pivots, jumps and leaps, dance steps, and basic lifts.
We provide an environment for mature athletes to explore their creative side and take part in group activities by choreographing their own routines.
Performance and display teams
This class is designed for AGG boys and girls who like to take part in dance and gymnastics recreational competitions. Further information can be obtained from the club management. Please email us at info@ritmixgym.com.au, or fill out our enquiry form.